Type2 to Type 2 EV charging cable single phase three phase 16A 32A

Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging cable

single phase 16A

single  phase 32A

three phase 16A

three phase 32A



Operation voltage:  AC 240V /400V   

Rated current:   16A/32A

Insulation resistance:    >500MQ(DC500V)           

Contact Resistance:            0.5mΩ Max

Terminal temperature rise:        <50K

Mechanical life:  No load put in/out more than 10000 times

Coupled Insertion force: 45N – 100N

Impact of external force :  afford 1m drop      

Working temperature:         -30℃ – +50℃  

Flame retardant grade:       UL94V-0

Plug & Cable Colour: White / Black (Optional)

Length: 5m (can be customized as per requirement)

Connect Pin:    Copper Alloy, Silver Plating

Protection: Lightning protection, over voltage protection, leakage protection, 

                 over load protection,waterproof IP65(operating state)



1. Confirm to the provisions and requirements of IEC 62196-2 ;

2. Easy to operate: Charge at home, at work, or anywhere with the  socket. No installation is

required, just an intuitive pairing process. Plug  and charge, wherever you are;         

3. Safe while using, Protecting Earthing detection;

4. Single Phase Three Phase 16Amp 32Amp type 2 EV Charging cable are available.