Portable EV Charging Cable is so convenient,portable,and plug-and-play.This product is independently researched and accordance with the latest national performance when charging.There are more electric protections and directhuman-computer standards.It has good interaction interface.Control box is durable by adopting ergonomicsurface design which makes the shell become solider and stronger.


Product Attribute: EU version    

Weight:  2.4kg (including charging plug)

Input voltage:       440V AC     Max

Output current:     16A   Three Phase (11KW) , 32A Three Phase (22KW)

Insulation resistance:    >1000MΩ (DC500V)

Terminal temperature rise:  <50K

Withstand Voltage:      2000V

Standby power:     ≤1KW

Interface Design:   as per requirement

Design standard:  IEC 62196

Protection functions:    Overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, grounding protection, type A leakage protection, lightening/ surge protection, reverse connection protection, adhesion protection, overtemperature protection

Working temperature:  -40℃ to  +65℃

Working elevation:       ≤4000m

IP grade:       ≥IP67

Flame retardant properties:        UL94-V0

Length: 5m

Cooling mode:      Natural cooling

Applicable Environment:     Indoor/Outdoor

Special protection: Anti-UV design, anti-vehicle rolling design